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We are the Salone Flying Stars, amputee football (soccer) club from Freetown in Sierra Leone. We are comprised of men and women who lost their limbs due to the terrible civil war that tore through Sierra Leone. Through football we have found a way to not only play competitively throughout Sierra Leone and Africa, but to build a community of like minded souls who find hope and strength in this game.


Sierra Leone’s decade long (1991-2002) civil war decimated the country and destroyed much of it infrastructure, displaced millions, killed hundreds of thousands and left some 10 thousands of people disabled from brutal amputations. Since we have experienced the 11 years brutal rebel war in Sierra Leone, we fully prepared to reach out to our relatives, communities to mobilize amputees and non-amputees to form the Salone Flying Stars to work hard to achieve our aims, goals and objectives.

The Salone Flying Stars Amputee Football Club is a registered football club organization and has an independent status. We propagate peace preaching in Sierra Leone and as well as the world. We extend our invitations to individual NGOs, Organizations, Companies, Government institutions and non-Governmental institutions to help us with technical logistical support and voluntary financial donations through the love of disability. As disabled people, we are violence around the corner of Sierra Leone. Our club wants to undertake various parts as show below.

  1. Football matches both local and international
  2. Drama to preach peace
  3. Community sensitization
  4. Fund raising to different part of the world

 Soccer Med & Sembo

Current Conditions:

  • A large part of the amputee youths in this Country lack employment and income opportunities.
  • We are left out in forms of development in our country.
  • We are left out in political affairs or positions.
  • No free medication for amputee, war wounded disabilities.
  • No free education for disabilities as whole.
  • No priority for disabilities, especially for amputees.

Our Offices In Freetown: