Bai Tarawally

Name: Bai TarawallyBaiTarawally_1

Nationality: Sierra Leonean

Playing position: Coach

Address: Sir Samuel Lewis Road Freetown Sierra Leone

Date of birth: 6th September 1988

Place of birth: Portloko District

Language spoken: Temeni, Krio and English

Marital status: Marriage with one (1) Child

Educational background: Primary and secondary only

History of my Amputation

At the age of four years the rebels entered in our village at 3:00 pm my aunty explained to me how the rebels captured my entire family it was on Monday they killed my father amputated my two (2) sisters two (2) brothers and two (2) uncles my aunt was carrying me on her back, trying to escape from the rebels but unfortunately, they captured her and they putted me down, and raped my aunty and killed her I left in the bush crying bitterly, one old man was passing by the bush road and hard me crying in the bush and took me to his town and then took care of me on till the age of ten (10) years and the old man dead. After two (2) years later I came to freetown were the amputee camp was at that time. So I saw the amputee playing football that inspired me so much that I should join them to boost them and build up their confidence (with one leg and one hand you can achieve your goals) even more than the able people and be bitter, useful and responsible people in the society and further give them encouragement as coach inside my hart because I am as an amputee as well.

But with the hope of God and the Salone Flying Stars Amputee Football Club I have the second chance for people to know me more, I am voluntarily doing this job please come and help them too.