Shir Lamin

Name: Shir LaminShirAmin_1

Nationality: Sierra Leonean

Playing position: Attacker

Address: Sir Samuel Lewis Road Freetown Sierra Leone

Date of birth: 5th July 1983

Place of birth: Kailahun District

Language spoken: Ghisa, Mendi, Krio and English

Marital status: Singel with one (1) Child

Educational background: Primary and secondary only

History of my Amputation

In 1991 During the rebel war I was in Guinea with my mother when I heard that the rebels came from koindu and they went to our village in kailahun district were my father is I went there to rescue him and they captured me and my father as well they gave us heavy load to carry on our heads from kailahun to Liberia went we reached in Liberia they realized I and my father, my father said we should go back to kailahun and we went back we were there for a long time and also removed from kailahun to kenema district to my aunty after been with my aunty my father and I joined his friend in tongor to mine diamond and we were there mining wen the rebels attacked tongor the mining area they killed so Meany people including my father too, so as I was trying to escape from the rebels I stepped the bomb exploded so I saw my foot cut off I feelt so meany pains I cried a lot I drag my body nearby road were some body passing by and took me to the red cross people who took care of me on till I was discharged from the hospital they gave me prostheses and some money to come in freetown to the amputee camp. Later I joined the Flying Stars Amputee Football Club, but life is very difficult for me and my football club.

But with the hope of the Salone Flying Stars Amputee Football Club I have the second chance to live.