Our Mission


1) This club is formed purposely for amputee’s who were victimized during the brutal eleven (11) years senseless rebel war in Sierra Leone.

2) “As we were provoked, marginalized, insulted with all kind of names, we formed this club to bring us together, as one family to share our feelings, especially to support our mental strength in our special living conditions and social recovery.”

3) The club is affiliated with Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA), Ministry of Sport, Ministry of Social Welfare Gender and Children’s Affairs and people.

4) The Salone Flying Stars Amputee Football Club (SFSAFC) has many members, amputees and non-amputees. The club has a constitution with an executive committee and is registered as community base organization.

5) The SFSAFC is intended to promote and develop the lives of the amputees and create jobs for young people living amputation views, experience, giving hope to each other and see how we can move or divert our minds from frustrations. “All is not lost, and we must have faith.”
6) The club formed to build up our capacity in skills training, formal education and involving ourselves in agricultural activities.

7) To take part in the development programs or process in our counties business empowerments.

8) We want to see amputees are first priority people of our country for any benefit in:

a. Education
b. Skills training
c. Medication
d. Job opportunity in every Government sector or Non-Government sectors.

9) We want to establish a recreational center or work shop where we can make things for ourselves like,

  1. Crutches
  2. Rubber Chubs
  3. Prostheses or false foots & false hands

These are the things that we are using to walk, play ball, work and to do anything for our self.

Group PIC

The Purpose of forming this organization/ football club

To divert our minds from frustrations to progression


Is to achieve:

1 Education for players and members of the club

  • We need education to become self reliance and independent citizens for our future
  • We need education to gain employment to help our family

2 Employments:

  • We need employment to sustain our families from hunger and starvation
  • We need employment to change our lives conditions
  • We need employment to change our conditions from being beggars to self esteemed people in the society
  • We need employment to feel like we belong into the society
  • We need employment to also develop our homes


  • We need Doctors who can aid our teams as a team doctors
  • We need to be active at all the time and stay healthy
  • Being disable means we should also be healthy
  • Support us with medical equipments.


  • To assist us to sustain our training
  • Help us with transportations to pay transportation fees of players from different destinations.
  • We have six (6) teams in the country
  • One (1) in Freetown and five (5) from the provinces
  • We also need the following equipment for our normal trainings and events
  • Crutches
  • Rubber tubes
  • Boots
  • Jerseys
  • Footballs
  • Nets
  • Shin guards
  • Sockets
  • First aid kit
  • Hand gloves

We want to continue with these training sessions for the following reason:

  • To ease-up our stresses and trauma
  • To meet new people and make more friends around the world.


We need skills trainings to empower us for the future!

Flying Stars 1